EA Sports contacts schools about new college football game

EA Sports is still planning to release their new college football game next July and while most fans expect a delay as is the norm in the gaming industry, all signs point to this game coming out. on time. EA Sports will be waiting for your money with open arms, and they’ll get mine and more.

As time goes by, more and more leaks come to light and the brilliant mind of Matt Brown at Extra Points recently provided some interesting information on how EA Sports wants to achieve a specific gaming atmosphere.

As noted in the Twitter thread above, EA Sports is seeking advice from colleges on cheers and songs played during gameplay so they can provide the most accurate atmosphere possible. This means that when you play with Ohio State at home, you’ll likely hear classic OHIO singing.

The most interesting thing about this thread and Matt Brown’s article is about the integration of Spirit Stickers and how EA Sports asked for more information on how they are obtained. This probably means that if you play with the Buckeyes everyone will have a blank helmet to start the season and as the season progresses different players will have different amounts of Buckeye sheets which sounds silly but makes me very excited.

As we get more leaks on what EA Sports has in mind for the return of its college football game, we will, especially when it comes to Ohio State.

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